Bow Faun 62″ – NEW

Quick and quiet recurve bow.


Adam Bisok used all his experience and he created an incomparable bow - FAUN - which is appreciated by all traditional historical archery lovers! A powerfull bow. This type of bow is very popular and has a fiberglass-laminated construction. Faun is deflex-reflex bow with a minimal handshock.

This bow has a long life and high speed. Very good power and comfort during shooting - it makes this bow one of the most popular of Lukbis bows. Bow Faun has an ergonomically designed grip for comfortable bow-holding.

Like all Lukbis bows, also this bow is durable, solid and requires practically no maintenance. Bow Faun 62" has an arrow shelf, so it is necessary to choose a correct orientation (right-hand/RH or left-hand/LH).

Length: 62 "(158 cm)
Draw weight: 30-55 lbs (14-24 kg)
Middle part: ash / elm, bog oak
End parts: ash or elm with carbon layer

The handle is NOT coated with leather. All bows are with dacron bow-string.


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