Bow Artemis 62″

Traditional bow with an arrow shelf for beginners, youth and for amateur-shooters.

Very nicely developed design will delight even the most demanding consumer.

One of the most famous and popular bows from polish producer Adam Bisok. Lukbis bows are very durable and they practically require no maintenance.

This bow is named after the Greek Goddess of hunting and forests - Artemis.

Relatively cheap, but solid, durable and reliable bow with easy maintenance and simply operation - thanks to these features is bow Artemis 62" very universal, suitable for beginners or as a perfect training bow or as an universal family bow.

Bow Artemis 62" has a small arrow shelf, so it is necessary to choose the correct orientation (right-hand or left-hand).

A longer version of Artemis 62" is bow Diana 66".

Lenght: 62" (157 cm)
Draw weight: 18-35 lb (8-18 kg)

The handle is coated with leather. All bows are with dacron bow-string.

Price: 0,00 €