3D Longbow 62″

Traditional Longbow for 3D archery.

A powerfull bow, very popular by 3D shooters. This type of bow is very popular and has a fiberglass-laminated construction.

This bow has a long life and high speed. Very good power (arrows can reach speed of up to 185fps) and comfort during shooting - it makes this bow one of the most popular of Lukbis bows. 3D longbow has an ergonomically designed for comfortable bow-holding.

Like all Lukbis bows, also this bow is durable, solid and requires practically no maintenance. 3D longbow 62" has an arrow shelf, so it is necessary to choose a correct orientation (right-hand/RH or left-hand/LH).

Lenght: 62" (158 cm)
Draw weight: 30-60 lb (14-28 kg)

The handle is NOT coated with leather. All bows are with dacron bow-string.

Price: 0,00 €