Since 1982 is produced under the brand LUKBIS equipment for traditional archery and sports archery. The company was founded by John Bisok with his fifteen years experience in PolSport Bialsko-Biala (company dealing also with the production of bows). After working in that company John Bisok decided to start his own company focused on producing bows – and this is how the family company LUKBIS was established.

He instilled his love for the work and passion for the archery into his son Adam and Roman. Since 1982 enriches Lukbis his production of new products and constantly improves the quality, as a family business. Lukbis offers now more than 60 items, from that about 15 kinds of bows.

Nowadays offer of company includes (except bows and archery accessories) also archery-events organization and work in the training and promotion of archery. Adam Bisok obtains experience through his participation on archery competitions and archery meetings. He transform informations gathered at the events into the development of new models and innovations already well-established, but older models. For producing are used materials with the highest quality certification, which guarantees 100% efficiency as well as for recreational use and also as sports use of Lukbis bows.

Have a fun by using our products and a we wish you precise aim 🙂