Back quiver with a decorative lily

Back quiver with a decorative lily.

No archer worth their arrows would ever conceive to leave home without their quiver. Arrows just don't fit into many pockets if any at all and there aren't many archers that are competent and confident enough to depend on just a single arrow. Thus, the quiver becomes a necessity. This quiver does exactly what any archer needs: hold arrows whether they're actually using those arrows by hunting or shooting or just walking the fair like the stylish archer they are is entirely a personal choice.

Quiver is made of cowhide and with feature hand stitching and top quality workmanship. Reinforced bottom for use with broadheads.

Quiver tube-shaped consisting of several interconnected layers. This layered structure prevents deformation of quiver, even after several years of use. The outer layer is made ​​of special smooth cowhide, which due to the numerous treatment looks historically, is stainproof and waterproof. On the inner upper side of the quiver is an insert made ​​of fleece, which protects arrows in the quiver. The shape of the quiver is slightly conical (tapered at the bottom).

Quiver has a wide and comfortable shoulder strap. The original two-point attachment of the strap prevents inadvertent movement of the quiver on archer's back. Quiver strap's length is adjustable with brass buckle. Shoulder strap is designed to hang on the right shoulder shooter. Arm is at the bottom of the quiver attached a brass rivet , which allows rotational movement of the bottom strap's side. As a result, quiver adapts better to the archer's back.


  • External length: 56 cm
  • Internal length: 53,5 cm
  • The skin thickness (of the strap): 3 mm
  • The wall thickness (of the quiver): 6 mm
  • Diameter above: approx 8,5 cm
  • The diameter at the bottom: about 6,5 cm


  • brown


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