Three-fingered glove for archer made ​​of cowhide

Three-fingered glove for archer made ​​of cowhide.

Glove protects shooter's fingers from excessive load by tension of bow. It is made ​​of high quality cowhide. This type of glove is for right-handers and left-handers. You can adjust the length of glove by the sliding buckle. By using the tightening belt you also turn the glove on the wrist, it is suitable for any circuit of hand. For increase of comfort and prevent any deformation by shooting is from inside of the glove used the fleece.

Available sizes: M, L, XL

Total length of glove
size M: 19,5 - 25,5 cm (glove adapts to the length of your hand thanks to the sliding buckle)
Size L: 20,5 - 26 cm
Size XL: 21 - 27 cm

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