Sales and service of traditional bows from well-known producer Adam Bisok from Poland. We offer complete assortment of products and we also provide service and advice. Bows produced under LUKBIS brand are leaders in archery and the bows use many enthusiasts of traditional archery and 3D archery. Their quality in relation to price has practically no market competition. We sell the bows by e-shop

Carefully read informations “How to choose a bow” and “Bow care“. Choosing the right bow and appropriate care will bring you the right pleasure of archery. It is very important to choose the correct draw-weight of bow and the right model. It is also important to properly manipulate with the bow by shooting and also during transportation and bow storage. Do not forget the safety by archery – wrong manipulation with a bow can also cause fatal injury.

We wish you many beautiful moments with bows LUKBIS!