How to choose a bow

You should think about several factors for right choice of bow.

  • you need to decide whether you want to shoot just recreationally somewhere in the garden, or you have bigger ambitions. It may be competitive ambitions, ambitions in self-improvement or some other personal motivation.
  • will bow serve just for you or you want somewhere on cottage to went it from hand to hand? It is difference if the bow uses a powerfull man or a child – you should consider this before you choose a bow.
  • very important is draw-weight in pounds. Beginners should choose bows with a smaller draw weight for refinement of technique and after that – later – focus on stronger bow. Shooting with a softer bow is more enjoyable for beginners and amateurs.
  • last but not least you should like the design of the bow.

If you are unsure with choosing a bow, we obviously like to advise you a suitable model for you.