Tatar bow 56″

Traditional Lukbis bow Tatar 56".

A shorter and more powerfull bow, very popular by 3D shooters. This bow is without arrow shelf - it's ambidextrous.

This type of bow is very popular and has Fiberglas-laminated construction. This Tatar bow 56" is deflex/reflex - it means that it works more dynamic as a simple longbow. It's faster, but a little bit less stable because it's shorter. It's relatively easy to deal with this bow also for beginners.

Like all Lukbis bows, this one is also durable, solid and practically require no maintenance. With this bow can shoot right-handers and also left-handers - it's symmetrical on both sides.

Lenght: 56" (142 cm)
Draw weight: 25-55 lb (12-24 kg)

The handle is coated with leather. All bows are with dacron bow-string.

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